[][src]Struct bulletproofs::util::VecPoly3

pub struct VecPoly3(pub Vec<Scalar>, pub Vec<Scalar>, pub Vec<Scalar>, pub Vec<Scalar>);

Represents a degree-3 vector polynomial \(\mathbf{a} + \mathbf{b} \cdot x + \mathbf{c} \cdot x^2 + \mathbf{d} \cdot x^3 \).


impl VecPoly3[src]

pub fn zero(n: usize) -> Self[src]

pub fn special_inner_product(lhs: &Self, rhs: &Self) -> Poly6[src]

Compute an inner product of lhs, rhs which have the property that:

  • lhs.0 is zero;
  • rhs.2 is zero; This is the case in the constraint system proof.

pub fn eval(&self, x: Scalar) -> Vec<Scalar>[src]

Trait Implementations

impl Drop for VecPoly3[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for VecPoly3

impl Send for VecPoly3

impl Sync for VecPoly3

impl Unpin for VecPoly3

impl UnwindSafe for VecPoly3

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