[][src]Struct curve25519_dalek::backend::serial::curve_models::ProjectivePoint

pub struct ProjectivePoint {
    pub X: FieldElement51,
    pub Y: FieldElement51,
    pub Z: FieldElement51,

A ProjectivePoint is a point \((X:Y:Z)\) on the \(\mathbb P^2\) model of the curve. A point \((x,y)\) in the affine model corresponds to \((x:y:1)\).

More details on the relationships between the different curve models can be found in the module-level documentation.


X: FieldElement51Y: FieldElement51Z: FieldElement51


impl ProjectivePoint[src]

pub fn to_extended(&self) -> EdwardsPoint[src]

Convert this point from the \( \mathbb P^2 \) model to the \( \mathbb P^3 \) model.

This costs \(3 \mathrm M + 1 \mathrm S\).

impl ProjectivePoint[src]

pub fn double(&self) -> CompletedPoint[src]

Double this point: return self + self

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for ProjectivePoint[src]

impl Copy for ProjectivePoint[src]

impl Debug for ProjectivePoint[src]

impl Identity for ProjectivePoint[src]

impl ValidityCheck for ProjectivePoint[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for ProjectivePoint

impl Send for ProjectivePoint

impl Sync for ProjectivePoint

impl Unpin for ProjectivePoint

impl UnwindSafe for ProjectivePoint

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